Vacuum pump of water to increase the member: types and how to choose

Vacuum pump is a device of cylindrical form, water pump for penis enlargement which applies not only to the increase of the sexual organ for men, but also to treat erectile dysfunction.

It is used when the standard methods to achieve the elasticity of the penis are not effective. The function of the apparatus is the increase of the parameters of length and thickness. The massage vacuum is distributed widely in traditional medicine. The method shows the features of high efficiency in the treatment of sexual dysfunction in men.

Working principle

Vacuum water pump to increase the member, applying the method of pressure. Around the penis to create pressure, which improves circulation. The erectile tissues fill with blood. The process is similar to natural erection. The penis becomes firm and elastic for a short period of time. Even with erection incomplete, you can have sexual intercourse, because the stimulation of a natural form allows a member of the "stand up".

The device is used as massage tools. The pressure in the bottle is the swelling of the erectile tissues, improving circulation of blood and increasing in size. Member after proton pump (pictured below) is spectacular.

It is forbidden to exceed the index of pressure during operation. The use of incorrect or likely to occur bleeding cavernous body, the appearance of bruising

What they are

Of vacuum pump to increase the member have the same type of the project — the bulb transparent plastic, with all indications of the ruler.

The kit includes a nozzle seal, which creates a vacuum, and the pear, that allows you to build pressure in the bottle. Improved model to include additional components: adjustment knob, pressure gauge or the trigger valve.

  1. Manual pump. The air from the instrument remove with the help of a piston or a pear. The main advantage is the availability, but the realization of the effect of energy.
  2. Auto bomb. The pressure in the bottle is the reduced integrated electric pump. Auto vacuum pump works on batteries. Increase in the body passes without effort, and the current pressure is displayed on pressure gauge embedded. The more comfortable the model — with the adjustment of the suction capacity.
  3. water pump to increase the member's manual
  4. Water proton pump. This innovative option, in that use water instead of air. The bulb ends of the sleeve, with the pump. The result of the application of the best, contra-indications less.

How to choose a vacuum pump for the penis

The device of choice, based on the size of the member and the goal. Before you buy, obey the following rules:

  • the length of the bulb to pick up at least 2 to 3 inches in the penis during erection;
  • a minimum diameter of 1 to 2 cm more than its own lift member;
  • for starters, recommend the pear-shaped type of pumping of air with the environment of the vessel.

When you buy a vacuum pump to take into account the material from which is made the sealing gasket, ensuring the total integrity. Water pump should be resistant to damage. Choose to increasingly transparent bottle — it allows to observe the course of the exercises.

Advantages and disadvantages

The device increases the healing. After the regular application growing the amount of virility, maintaining the erection during sexual intercourse. The sex becomes more due to the reduction in sensitivity of the penis. The organ increases in length and in width.

The device is useful for men have curvature of the penis a organ. Vacuum water pump keeps the penis in the erect state, reducing its curvature.

Among the disadvantages, the application of the device notice the appearance of stains on the surface of the penis due to rupture of capillaries, numbness, decreased force of ejaculation and erection. Such consequences relevant to the malfunction of the device.

After six months of regular use, body will be constant. In addition to taking medication, which increases the production of the male hormone, the result is more impressive.

The statistics show that men comply with the instructions, observed the increase of the length of the member, upon application of the vacuum pump 1 to 3 cm for 6 to 12 months. The thickness of the dignity increases by 1-2 cm.

pump to increase the member automatic

The effect depends on age, the younger the man, the better is the result.

Instructions for use

The first time I recommend the use of the pump of no more than 5 minutes, helping to prevent side effects. If used incorrectly, there is a risk of impairment of erectile function and the appearance of edema.

Step-by-step how to use the pump:

  1. With the work of the boat pumped the air, increasing the flow of blood to the organ. Before placing the member in the bottle it lubricated with grease.
  2. Once the vacuum pump is used is not more than 20 minutes.
  3. To run the air in the apparatus and to reduce pressure on the auto models click on an air valve that is placed near a pear. In other devices of this opening, which at the time of exercise close to the finger.
  4. After reaching the highest hardness of the penis, at the base of a place in a special ring. This element contributes to the clamping of sexual of the organ, to it, grabbed the erection.

If, on the whole, there are hydraulic pump, before the process take a hot bath to relax the region scrotum. After 8 minutes, introduce the organ into a balloon. Rounded, the bezel ring is hard to apply to the scrotum, reducing pressure on the area. The device is placed uniformly over the circumference of the penis. After the start of the pumping of the air.

To create a vacuum recommend doing a few swaying movements. By applying a special valve, desabafando the excess water. The pump push out 6 to 8 times, and for unnecessary liquid.

As only the water will flow, and the man rests inside of 5 minutes. If the pressure decreases, the vacuum still fluctuates to the previous level.

Massage vacuum machine leads to lesions in the tissue when it is done incorrectly.

The main problems faced by men:

  1. The stagnation of lymph in the area extremely meat. Around the head, is formed tumidum ring. If this problem occurs during the correct use of the device, some time ago, disclaim the exercises.
  2. Swelling occur when a large flow of lymph fluid is too low or pressure, along the download.
  3. Observing the deterioration of erection.
  4. Darkening of the tissues. The skin darkens because of the load.
  5. Bleeding. The problem look, due to the large discharge. The effect can be irreversible.
  6. The formation of blood clots.

Care of the unit

Before using the device, wash with hot water and soap. Components that are treated with an antibacterial agent.

After the application, the pump is again washed in a water solution and wipe clean with a dry cloth.To moisturize you can not buy lubricant containing petroleum jelly. It is also forbidden to use cream or vegetable oil.

pump to increase the member of a


The duration of the impact of the vacuum is defined by the elongation of the cells. The correct use of the vacuum water pump to get a peak of the impact, with the increase of has a negative pressure. When a man does not feel pain.

The vacuum should not cause pain. An action must not be longer than 18 seconds. The maximum time of procedure in a day is 45 minutes.

Vacuum penis enlarger does not allow people with diseases:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • disease in the flesh of his foreskin.
  • urethritis;
  • the malfunction of the kidneys and of the liver;
  • diseases of the circulatory system;
  • tendency to the formation of blood clots.

The water has only brought benefits, it is necessary to pre-consult with your doctor.

When you have at least one contra-indications, are an alternative form of impact on the body.

To achieve a better result combine several ways of increasing the penis. In addition to the pump it is recommended to apply:

  • Cream,gel, or spray;
  • Pills or dietary supplements;
  • Baths with soda;
  • Exercise or jelqing;
  • Use products contribute to the growth of the body.

In extreme cases, make the operation or consume hormones.

Penis enlargement device that you buy in specialty shops.

Vacuum water pump – the device, capable of making the life of men a little easier. Thanks to this invention increases the length and volume of the penis, deal with the problem of premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Selection and implementation of a mechanism to take into account the guidelines to reduce the risk of occurrence of side effects.