Like soda increase member

Penis of small size can become a problem for some men. The doctors say that this problem is more likely psychological, because it causes tension, which has a negative impact on your sex life. There is a lot of action, with which one can reach the size of a penis without a surgical intervention. Many of them have already been tested, but always have the desire to learn something new and effective. As the popular tool that many use the normal food the baking soda. Today we will learn how soda increase the penis size and how effective will be the method.


how to increase the penis soda

Increase the size of penis with the help of real soda. But this is the way it is over time, the result is increased when you do this, for many research studies is no more than four inches.

Before you begin to perform the procedure, you need to think well if it is necessary. Doctors call it small size, which does not exceed ten inches in erect state. The most common is the size of the penis in men – this is the average, not more than eighteen inches in erect state.

But, sometimes, the holders of large dimensions, do not believe their pride and have the desire to to increase your. In this case, the soda will not give any result. Before you increase the penis with the help of soda, you should know that this will be useless in the case of the presence of congenital anomalies or chronic diseases. In this case, I need some advice from an expert.

The role of soda

The property of sodium bicarbonate is its ability to penetrate quickly into the tissues and thin the blood. This is the its ability to aid in order to enhance the penis.

Recommend to apply this product is a supplement in the training of the penis. The soda is in this case a tool that protect against injuries and negative consequences when performing some exercises, where there is a risk of blood clots.

Methods of application

Before enlarge penis at home soda, you should decide how she accept, after all, you know several options. Thus, the feeding of the sodium bicarbonate can be taken orally, to make it an ointment or baths, lotions. In more detail each of the methods.

The bathroom

This method is the most common and combines with the realization of specific exercises for the penis. In a liter of water, take one hundred grams of soda powder. Before you increase the penis with the help of soda, the ability to shed water a little more the temperature of the environment and created the dust. The bathroom take some time before the start of the exercises, its duration must not exceed fifteen minutes.

Such a procedure that they do two times a day for a month. Many representatives of the male claim that this method has proved effective and has not caused negative effects.

Lotions and compresses

Before, like soda increase the penis size by using compress or lotions, it is necessary to prepare the solution. For this, take two tablespoons of baking soda dissolved in half a glass of warm water. In a solution of gauze moistened or elastic, and apply to the sexual organ.

The gauze should be the length, the ability to roll up the vulnerability of the entire body. To do this type of procedure requires about thirty days, otherwise, it will not bring the expected result.

To a solution of soda to the will drip two drops of oil of cypress or cardamom. The smell that emanates from the composition, helps to relax. After the completion of the procedure, it is necessary some time lying in bed.

The ointment

the increase in member

For those who do not know, as the soda helps to increase your penis in a month, but want to soon acquire the "right size", it is recommended to use soda ointment. To this powder add water in an amount such to form porridge is a thick consistency. The water is added slowly, stirring constantly.

Received to the mixture and used as a means, and in combination with certain exercises. Ointment, rubbing it for ten minutes in the penis, making it with care, not to hurt and not to hurt. The procedure spend three times a day.

The ointment can do in a base of honey. For this, twenty-five grams of soda diluted in a tablespoon of the dining room honey. Ready-mix rubbed in the genital organ. Many, who know, how to enlarge penis, soda, claim that the use of several times of such a tool helps to increase sexual desire and increase the duration of sexual intercourse. You need to remember that the honey can cause allergies, then apply this method needs care.


Ingest the sodium bicarbonate may be as a complement to these methods. This product has the property to influence positively on the internal organs and systems. In some cases, the length of the penis is not fully revealed due to the existence of a man has some kind of disease. Soda in this case, will help you to get rid of toxins that can cause disease.

Consider how to increase the member of soda, the recipe proposed by the teacher. Morning and evening to take a quarter of a teaspoon of soda powder between meals. The amount of powder should be gradually increased until a dinner spoon. It can also be a tablespoon or teaspoon of soda diluted in half a glass of water and drink it fasting in the morning.

To strengthen the effect recommended to apply special tools, which strengthen the blood flow in the penis and strengthen the erection. This can be cream, sprays, capsules or drops.

Safety precautions

We know how to increase the member to drink the soda. But there are some recommendations that can help you to avoid manifestations of negative effects:

  1. When the excess acidity of the stomach, occurs the risk of development of gastritis or ulcers. In this case, it is not possible to take the baking soda inside.
  2. It is not possible to use food baking soda for those who suffer from diabetes, as it has effects on the blood cells.
  3. It is not possible to apply the soda with the presence of formations in england. She, contributing to the liquefaction of the blood, cause the spread of cancer cells throughout the body.
  4. The men who are interested, like soda increase the penis, but they have reduced the acidity of the stomach, it is also not recommended to use the methods mentioned above.
  5. It is not recommended to use baking soda for those who have dry skin and increase its sensitivity. This can cause the appearance of irritations and inflammations.


For those interested, like soda increase the penis, you need to remember that this procedure has no contraindications. The application of this food product during the massage, and packages are forbidden in certain cases:

  • the presence of wounds and rashes on the penis;
  • allergic reactions;
  • the pathological changes of the penis.

The application of this food product when the intake is forbidden in such cases:

  • violation of stomach acid, chronic gastritis, ulcer;
  • idiosyncrasy of the product.

Only need to use the fresh product, therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to the expiration date of the soda, which is specified on the packaging. What's more, if she will have a yellowish tint and unpleasant odor, its application also is not allowed. If you see any type of reactions of the organism to food-the baking soda, you need to stop using it. In any case, it is necessary the consultation of an expert.

a can of soda for penis enlargement

Therefore, the man who wants to change the size of your penis, you should put forward a clear goal. Chosen as a means to achieve the goal of sodium bicarbonate, in general, is harmless. But, sometimes, can occur is unpredictable, the reaction of the organism.

So, before making your penis enlargement, the man must weigh the "pros" and "cons" and only then, begin physical therapy. Finally, the problem of small penis size is purely psychological and does not need any intervention, except for defects in pathologies that impede the normal living the sexual life. In such cases, it is carried out the surgical intervention. And you need to remember that it is important is not the size, and the ability to express themselves in bed.