Such as sodium hydroxide to increase the member

The increase in membership of the coolant is one of the most modern method of solving this delicate male issue. The operation is reliable, it ensures that your sex organ will be more to it, but not every man is ready to lie down under the knife, and all those of you who want to get the features. The use of soda and so much more accessible and therefore more popular. If it is the result of the question is ambiguous. Many of the representatives of the stronger sex, who have used this method to increase the penis of your body, in and of itself, even happy. But there are those of you who finds this method to be ineffective and harmful, and even dangerous.

Some of the popular forms of penis enlargement

the increase in the member of the soda

Today, there are a number of ways to increase your member a surgical procedure, the ingestion of dietary supplements, and the use of special creams, vacuum pumps as well as for the masses, to undermine the face of men's health. In addition to this, the increase of the penis, it is recommended to massage, and the use of traditional medicine is not that far away.

One of the most popular methods for penis enlargement, it is applied with great success ever since the most ancient times, is the use of baking soda. This method can be easily combined with other shapes, such as, for example, the type of massage. An additional advantage of the use of soda ash is to compare the safety, unlike many of the creams that you are doubtful of the composition. After the surgery, there is a risk that the man is not able to function properly sexually. The weights for insurance, the fact that they can cause damage to the sex organ.

The areas of application of soda ash

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is a white powder. It has a number of useful qualities, which can find application in cooking, cleaning, as well as in the treatment of many diseases. The sodium hydroxide is used for the treatment of the catch is frequently in women, but for men the truth is a different application of this product.

Before you learn how to increase the penis size with the help of apple, it's worth it to decide, and if you really need it. Scientists have long proven: the sexual satisfaction of the woman, great body, sexual needs, it's important to technique. But, if a man should dare to take such radical measures, it is better to start with a smaller, more affordable, and in respect to the natural method, such as applying baking soda.

How to properly use baking soda to increase the member

With the help of apple, which almost everyone has in the house, there could be a store for the clothes. They are going to promote flexibility of the penis. To do this in the bath tub for an infant, you will need one teaspoon of soda in a glass of warm water. Take the tray out, you will need a minimum of 15 minutes. In this procedure, it is recommended to do this for about an hour before the sexual intercourse. Many of the men in the comments saying that it is the end result after with the use of this method is that it is weak. But pretty much all of the people that, even if it has not been observed with the increase of the penis, then stretch it out to grow in a manner that is very significant.

You can also use baking soda as a scrub. For this reason, you need to rinse their penis, and then, careful motions to rub the baking soda on the whole. As a result of these manipulations, the blood starts to act actively in the genital area. But it must be borne in mind, and, on the negative side of this method. The coolant can result in irritation and burning of the penis. To make it it is necessary very carefully. In spite of the fact that the particles of baking soda are very small, they can hurt themselves very thin and sensitive skin of the penis, which will result in a sensation of pain. Rub the skin with a sodium hydroxide-improves the erectile function and, although it's just a little bit, but it really boosts your sex organ. To establish the result, it's recommended to drink a soda with the milk, it's going to strengthen, and overall health.

The not-so-popular, but it is also an effective method is the use of sodium hydroxide for penis enlargement is the use of tampons. Baking soda, spread on a clean cloth (can be a bandage, folded in several layers, moistened in a little bit, and apply it to the body. Sure, the pad may be about 15 to 20 minutes, but no more.

It does not allow the entry of the coolant at the head of the penis, so as not to hurt her!

Less than two months of use, the soda, the penis and adds to the value of about a of an inch, and, in some cases, and more. It all depends on the body size of a man.

It should not be forgotten that the use of sodium bicarbonate can cause allergies. After the procedure, you should always wash the penis with warm water, no soap.

Indications and Contra-indications to the use of sodium hydroxide

For any significant there are virtually no contra-indication, but the safety precautions that you forget you don't have to. Don't forget to check the expiry date of this product, please observe the installation of the dose, a massage and a body scrub just make sure your hands are clean. These simple steps can help protect you against the adverse effects.

It's not worth getting upset about after the first application of the caustic soda with no effect. So it was done a result of the baking soda you should use on a regular basis for two to four months. It's a dirty job, one that requires a lot of patience and determination.

With the increase in food-soda, it might not be for all males, that have a singularity in the baking soda. So, there was some unpleasant feeling, or an abnormal reaction by the application of caustic soda, the better to choose another method to increase the penis size. If not, you can not only improve the look and feel of the penis, but to have health problems.

The enlargement of the penis is through the bicarbonate of soda in the house


The question of how to increase the penis size of the food, the soda, there is a lot of time concerned about the men who have problems in sexual life, due to the small size of his penis. To get the effect you want of course, you can use the services of a surgeon, but not all, of the men, the money, and the desire for it. It is for this reason that some people prefer to use caustic soda — it not only causes extreme pain, but it's worth a penny.

And, here, to state that the penis enlargement foods, soda is really possible, it is not worth it, because the reviews are mixed. A new class of men, after the use of sodium hydroxide, argued that the penis actually changed the size of it, and here it is in a different category, argued that the purpose of the coolant is zero.

In any case, before I got interested in how to increase the penis size with the baking soda, you should seek the advice of your doctor / physician.

The benefits of the use of sodium hydroxide

When men have a problem with the size of their penis, they will begin to search for a solution, and we came to the soda, they immediately ask, " how do you increase your penis by using baking soda that is dead wrong. Before you can use this tool, you will need to know how it affects the body of a man, if he does not do so, then you can only make the situation worse.

The world is not such a person, what would be the familiarity of the baking soda, but not all of them know about their ability to enhance sex organ, or to suppress the attacks of acid reflux.

How to work the soda into the male member

Caustic Soda is not able to directly affect the male penis and increase your. It works a little in another way — into the body of the male, and helps to liquefy the blood. If, in addition, with the use of sodium hydroxide to perform a number of exercises for penis enlargement, it is gradually growing in size. The increase of the penis occurs, in the case of special exercises to change the size of a normal member of the blood can flow into all areas of the body, including the penis, stimulating growth.

In the process of the enlargement of the penis, of the food, the soda (in the execution phase of the exercise) it is not formed clots in the blood, it is recommended that you use it for a massage.

As a result of the information obtained, it can be noted that the use of the most of exercises, and massage the baking soda will not affect the state of a man.

With regard to the opinions of the doctors, if that helps with the soda and increase the penis size, they will unanimously say " no! And here is the effect of the alkali in the gastro-intestinal tract, more direct and, by far, is not good. Therefore, before asking me how to enlarge the penis in a soda and think about what are the problems with the stomach and intestines, it will give you.

The methods of application of soda ash

The most common option is to use baking soda to increase the membership of st. baths. They affect, so that the penis has become more elastic. The most simple recipe for preparing the baths is to be diluted in a glass of warm water with a teaspoon or so of baking soda.

Then, the sexual organ is placed in the prepared bath for 15 minutes. It is recommended to wear the trays for 40-60 minutes before having sex. Many of the men in the bin, you really sure that the baking soda helps to enlarge your penis, but, unfortunately, the effect is very small, and a growth rate of more than 2 centimeters and has not been seen. But the representatives of the male gender, don't be upset, because of the increase in the elasticity of the member, it is also an accomplishment in itself.

The current method is to increase the membership of the

A Popular recipe is how to enlarge your penis, drink in the house — it's an exfoliator. To create the scrub, it is recommended that you initially soak the limb over the whole length, and then massaged the rub in the baking soda, (sodium hydroxide), which is also the the whole length. According to the words of the doctors at the type of revenue changes in the size of the penis, and promotes a tide in the sex organ of the body.

But this method of penis enlargement with the help of a soda, there are a number of shortcomings. Some of the men said that after I use the scrub in the area of sex, and the body has begun to burn, and then, there was the irritation. So, when are you going to pick up a prescription as to how to increase the penis size soda, think about it, if you need them.

But if you want to add in a scrub of the components are optional, so you can use it without any kind of consequences for the body. The most common additional ingredient is honey. To increase the penis size with the aid of caustic soda, and the honey need to be mixed in the ratio of 1:1, and then apply it to your penis and rub massaging movements.

Penis enlargement foods, soda,

The size of the penis in men, as well as the volume of the breast for women, a subject that is often up in the first place. Today, there are a lot of drugs (gels, creams, ointments, add-ons) to change the size of your manhood. It also offers a variety of surgical techniques. But, many of the representatives of the stronger sex are increasingly turning to the medicine of the people.

Recently, more and more popular technique to increase the membership levels. There are lots of ways to use the product, in order to change the size of the board. The powder you use to get into the interior, bathing, compresses, in addition to during the massage. It is possible to enlarge the penis (penis) with the baking soda and what is the expected effect? How does this tool work?

It is possible to increase your penis, food, soda?

Sodium bicarbonate is known to all, and above all else, such as a food product, which is used in cookery for losing a test. Use also used for therapeutic purposes (such as antiseptics, as it is the best remedy when the management, as well as a quick lowering of the acidity of the stomach).

the increase in the member

The sodium has been open for a long time. Even the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt were based on the method of powder for the mummification of the bodies of the dead. On the other excellent properties of a product which you still don't know. On a scientific level, they have been studied only in the 18th century.

In addition to the increase of the penis, the baking soda can build in the male body. The tool works in such directions:

  • It eliminates pathogens, cleanses the sex organs.
  • It promotes the production of testosterone.
  • It displays the body of toxins, and the toxins they produce.
  • It helps to combat the symptoms of prostatitis.
  • Inhibition of the inflammatory response.

But the men who have decided to increase the membership of the food, the soda, it should be remembered that the express and the fast, the effect will be. You have to have the patience for the first few results, you can change the size of the 2-to 4-cm) will be visible only at the end of a few months, and up to six months. Experts will tell you that it is a good development, as it is rapidly the body can only be achieved through plastic surgery.